Marc Jaffe


A legendary figure in publishing, Marc Jaffe was editorial director at Ballantine and Bantam for 19 years. He had his own imprint with Houghton-Mifflin. He discovered and published Norman Mailer, J.D. Salinger, William Styron, E.L. Doctorow, Judith Krantz, Ian Fleming, Louis L’Amour and shepherded and published such classics as Serpico  Valley Of The Dolls and The Exorcist. Marc calls this book, “an embarrassment of riches,” and he’s been editing it pro bono ever since.  To complete a 39-page book proposal to his standards took 10 months and 59 drafts but when Jaffe deemed it ready, it was ready!

Michael Larsen, Larsen Pomada Literary Agents, San Francisco


A few days later I was on the phone with Michael Larsen of the Larsen-Pomada Agency, San Francisco. To get a call from a literary agent before he’s read your proposal is unheard of but thanks to Marc Jaffe it happened to me. Yes, Larsen wanted to read my proposal but that wasn’t the best part.  When I told him Marc Jaffe had been editing my work pro bono, he almost came through the phone! “Do you have any idea how huge that is?  Marc Jaffe is a legend!  A god!  Having Jaffe edit your book for free is like having Spielberg edit your home videos for free!”  Suddenly, I had an agent.

Wendy Kout, Screenwriter, Los Angeles


Wendy started out as a comedy writer on Mork & Mindy and went on to write for TV’s top shows. She created and produced the hit ABC series, Anything But Love, and has authored several screenplays including the award-winning Dorfman in Love.  She’s also written several plays including the critically acclaimed, Naked in Encino. I met Wendy in the first week of my sobriety while working for a groundskeeper outside her home. She believed in me when I didn’t and encouraged me to diary my experiences while getting sober.  Eventually, that became “Going Sane,” which Wendy later turned into a film treatment.