IF YOU’RE FROM CENTRAL CALIFORNIA you probably heard THE DEAN & DON SHOW which I co-hosted with my peerless partner bomb-diggity, Don  Fischer. For 15 years (excepting what Don calls “notable rainouts”) our shows ran the gauntlet from unorthodox to completely unhinged, a philosophy that gave birth to one of Chub Feely’s earliest Rules Of The Noodle: It’s Easier To Ask Forgiveness Than It Is For Permission.  Which reminds me:  please patronize our sponsors (so we don’t have to).

We set ratDEAN AND DON - CHUB PLAY FINALings records and we made a lot of fans but our most notable achievement is that we did 3000 early morning radio shows without once ever killing each other and if that isn’t in the Guinness Book it damn well should be.


Dead Air Dave Lives!

SLOW DOWN YOU MOVE TO FAST DEPT: I’d hoped to launch this page with news of a genuine KKDJ reunion with the original air staff gathering for a marathon broadcast on one of California’s more enlightened FM stations. Originally scheduled for mid-April (but not yet announced), it was postponed when the wizard behind the party, KKDJ alumni “Dead Air” Dave Sozhino tripped during his daily jog and almost lived up to his air name. When he’s back on his feet and back up to speed, we’ll set a new date for the reunion and party to follow. At this point, it looks like September but watch this space… Not you, Dave! You keep your eyes on the road!


Still Bubbling Under

EVEN MORE AWSUM SAUCE: Everyone knows that the only thing keeping civilization from collapse is the hope that Bobby Volare will one day make another album. Last we heard Bobby was lei-d up making SONGS OF HAWAII AND CLOVIS though little from that session ever surfaced.

BUT HOLDBOBBY-VOLARE-Burnt-Orange-Cover1 ON TO YOUR CONCH SHELLS: Bobby is said to be squeezing out a new albums tentatively titled BURNT ORANGE. Reportedly, the album is so electrifying its been pre-certified “tungsten” by the Fresno Florescent Fixtures Union and the Bakersfield Academy of Janitorial Arts and Sciences. We’ll keep our ears to the ground for further reverberations, which is a good idea when Bobby is near a mike in any case.

NO D&D SITE WORTH IT’S SALT would be complete without soundbites from the aforementioned 3000…

McROD THE POET - POEM UNDONEWith pop poet Rod McKuen doing the mortality mambo we decided our own McRod should make an appearance even if it’s via 27-year tape delay. He’s long denied ever reciting an uncompleted poem but with the discovery of this air check we now have the evidence. What’s it prove? Not much except that there were days when Dean & Don would air just about anything.

Dean & Don Diehards need wait no more.  You can finally download all six Dean & Don albums for a pittance.  We listened to thousands of tapes to create this collection and we didn’t even get Workman’s Comp. That’s why the least you tightwad skinflint penny-pinchers can do is take the albums off our hands before OSHA labels them radioactive waste.

Meanwhile, there’s a mother load of mylar memories on the brand new KKDJ PAGE !