GOING SANE is the funny but true story a popular deejay facing his top ten addictions.


After attaining the highest ratings in the country, deejay Dean Opperman discards success in a self destructive binge. He ends up on the porch of Listerine Rick, the toughest 12-Step sponsor on the coast.  On the condition Dean agrees to stay sober from that moment on, Rick lets him sleep on his living room floor but come sunrise, instead of first “connecting to a higher power,” as Rick advised, Dean rises to call his girlfriend and is crowned by a wrought iron chandelier which sends him straight to his knees. Stunned and in pain, he’s also laughing at the realization this must be the work of a higher power who also has a sense of humor.  Thus begins Dean’s wild ride through the rapids of recovery as he faces his top ten addictions. Along the way, snapshots of his loopy mental states appear as record offers, sporting events, infomercials, self help books, even grand opera. Through it all, Rick is there to keep Dean on track with his amusing brand of simple spirituality Dean calls, “A Bonehead’s Guide To God.”


GOING SANE is the first sober-centric book written from a humorist point of view.   While it appeals to anyone looking for a very funny read, it speaks particularly to those afraid to get sober because they think they’ll never laugh again if they can’t get high.  While most sobriety texts do little to dispel this idea, GOING SANE sends a message that sober doesn’t mean somber.